Beauty down-low!

What is in your beauty bag?? Now don’t get this confused with skin care (cos there is no way all that product would fit in a beauty bag at all) as that will be a whole other blog, but these are my fav things I use daily and wanted to share the love!!

Mascara – my number one beauty essential is my mascara, I am not overly picky on my mascara as long as it’s as black as it comes and add a bit of thickness to my lashes. If I leave the house without it, I look like l am on death bed!!!

Lipstick – I have quite a few colours and brands on which I choose from depending on occasion, my EVERYDAY and go to fav would have to be my Luk lipstick (I cannot fault this and will be guttered when it runs out) for special occasions and nights out (which doesn’t happen all that often) I love the stepping out of my comfort zone form dark reds to brown tones!



Lip balm – especially in this winter season to cooler weather I cannot be without thus beautiful papaya balm from Pure Papaya Care!!

Loose Powder Foundation – I love a loose mineral powder for ran everyday look. It is so easy to apply and gives me amazing coverage for the whole day whilst giving me some SPF protection (which I am mad about). I am loving the Antipodes mineral foundation as it leaves my skin looking dewy all day with excellent coverage for the days my redness would usually appear.

Bio Oil – Especially with this cool winter weather my skin has been sucking it up like crazy. Mind you I used this through all 3 of my pregnancies so Bio Oil is definitely not a stranger in my beauty bag.

Hair Styler – this has been a recent addition to my beauty bag, and although sceptical at first I cannot live without this. I was so worried about how it would work in my hair as I have so much thick and long and wavy, frizzy hair but I was so happy with the results and how long they lasted. It goes hand in hand with my hairspray for those fly-aways!!



Sportsgirl Invisible hair ties – I will not tie my hair up with anything else now. Although Santa purchased these for the girls they have somehow made their way into my beauty bag…..and they ain’t leaving!!!


Primer – I cannot stress the importance of a good primer, I am CRUSHING on the Arbornne primer.  A primer will help set your foundation for the day and give you a clean slate to start your day.


Eye care – maybe it’s my age coming into it but I am becoming so conscious of an eye care, I am currently using the Halo eye care products and loving the feel of these around my eye area. I have only been using them for two weeks and I already am noticing the difference in appearance to the fine lines.


Self tanner – I am as pasty and white as they come and am so vein that I love a little bronze colour on my skin. Also I don’t tan in the sun and don’t like being out in the sun too much that I burn (my skin seems to miss that brown phase and go from white to red to white again!!!)  After using fake tanning products for 16 years now I have finally settled on Skinny Tan. I can pop it on in the morning and leave it for the day and not smell, not be orange and not have it rub off on my clothes then come morning I am a bronzed mumma ready to do groceries (it’s a glamourous life) The Tanning oil is my favourite of their products for sure.




Skin Prep

So I thought I would kick start the beauty side of my blog with my face routine! Laugh all you like ladies but I am a massive believer in looking after your skin from a young age. I was lucky enough my mum taught me the basics at 15 and since then I have been looking after my face. My girlfriends used to get so annoyed at me for coming home after a bug night together and I would have to go and wash my face (twice), brush my teeth, pop my moisturiser on, but I am who I am!

So here my day time routine is Step 2, Step 5 and Step 7! Simple hey……not so much for my night time routine, its all the steps below except for Step 5! I hope you enjoy the read ladies….oh and FYI it takes me a good 15min to do all this at night (after I have exfoliated I like to brush my teeth so it gives my face the time to dry)……. and my husband still married me!!



Dermalogica Precleanse – BEST PRODUCT to remove make up without feeling like my skin is being stripped away!! The reason is because this product actually melts down the impurities and make up from your skin. That means excess oil, sun cream, pollutants and all that gunk you need to get rid of. This step is vital as it then allows your cleanser to penetrate deeper into your skin and work on the individual issues we all have.


Dermalogica Essential Cleansing solution – Love that it rinses off easy and is perfect feeling for my dry and sometimes sensitive skin.  Puts moisture back in while I am cleansing my skin. So, the second step of my night time ritual I am already getting that moisture back into my skin.


Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant – Now I have been using this one for a month now and (had changed from their daily microfoliant as I want to start to target the signs of aging, but if you are not concerned about aging then the daily mircofoliant would be best suited for you) loving the way it is leaving my skin feeling every day. It’s a daily exfoliant, but I like to think of it as a buffer. As each day it is buffing away rather than having a huge hard scrub twice a week which my skin doesn’t respond very well to.


Dermalogica Nightly lip treatment I was so excited when Dermalogica launched this…. And it just so happens that it has coincided with my aging face…. “pre-mature aging” we like to call it. This little baby help reduces the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and on the lips as well as hydrating and improving skin elasticity. Losing skin elasticity and collagen is how our skin starts to form fine line and wrinkles. So, it is important to start to take care of these things as soon as you notice them. Not before you need them. Trust me!


Hola Seaweed Moisturising Eye Cream I know, shock horror not a Dermalogica product!!! Haha – insert sarcasm!!!! I have tried many eye creams in the last 18 months and am so excited that I have finally found one the feels and looks like it is doing the job I want it for. I don’t just need it to moisturise, I need it to help keep my fine line and “crow’s feet” at bay for me not to mention helping with these gorgeous dark circles that have appeared (I don’t know if that’s a coincidence these appeared about 24hrs after my first child was born).  Who doesn’t want help in eliminating these??


Hola Seaweed Moisturising Eye Gel I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Only to be used at night though people and can be used as a mask over the whole eye area. I alternate the eye cream (day) and the eye gel (night) to get maximum care taken fighting those dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles….no stone left unturned around these eyes!!! This product feels so decadent on your eye area. Like I said, I am in LOVE!! – you know when a product says it’s going to do something and it does. YES!





Dermalogica Skin smoothing cream – Here with my moisturiser I am not worried about aging all over my face so the Sin Smoothing Cream is a really good product to help put back and lock that moisture into my face. I love how nourishing this feels when I apply it, I don’t need a different one to the day as I feel there is no reason here to switch between two creams. Also, the only reason I would consider having two different creams is if my makeup didn’t have SPF in it.


There you have is ladies, I hope you weren’t too bored and you found some of this informative in some way! If there is anything you want me to dive in to deeper please let me know! Otherwise have a lovely Thursday night xxx


How well do you know your skin??

How well do you know your skin??  This has been playing on my mind so much lately. With the increasing number of people getting Fillers and Botox to slow down or prevent aging this has been a constant thought. This is my passion! Skin and Beauty are something I can make a regular addition to the blog.

In these little additions you will see my reviews on what’s working with my skin, tips on how to look after your skin a little better and generally answering any questions you might have!


Not only am I passionate about skin but also have a few insider tips and tricks of the beauty world up my sleeve. So, if there is anything that you have been thinking or that you need help with. Shoot me a message, email me. I want to be able to write about things that interest you. Not all of you will be wondering about anti-ageing products, some of you might have oily skin and are thinking no moisturiser as you already have the oil production……WRONG! – but this is for another blog- this for now is an up to date on a few journeys I want to take with the blog. It’s so hard, I feel like I dabble in so many areas.

So please bare with me while I find my feet. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the journey with me!!!


La la la Lipstick ♥️

Why I love the Antipodes lipstick?? 

  • Not only am I crushing on their beautiful colours! I am head over heals with what products they actually are made from, such as avacado, bees wax and nutrient rich pure plant oils. 
  • These literally are good enough to eat as well as nourishing, conditioning and moisturising on the lips these colour combos for Autum are beautiful. I cannot wait to see how winter and spring come along!!! Soooo exciting!
  • I love that antipodes originate from New Zealand and are all naturally inspired (from their bio degradable packaging to their sceanery based names of the colours). 

I have work these colours a couple of times to work now and am getting so many lovely compliments about the shades and how lovely they are. From someone who wears quite a bit of lipstick for work I am really loving how these lipsticks are leaving my lips feeling at the end of the day. They don’t feel dried out or like these @antipodesskincare lipsticks are cracking my lips. So this is a massive bonus!!! 

I just want to add, When we attended the breakfast launch of Antipodes I was in awe of Em from @mypaleskinblog and her courage to put her face out there to be ridiculed and trolled. So here is a quick shout out and hats off to you woman…. travelling around exposingthat first viral video A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Thank you for a beautiful day ladies 💋

How To…….. Tanning

Tanning has come so far in such a little time, I have pasty white skin so since Completing my beauty therapy training 13 years ago I have always tanned, so these a tips and tricks I have learnt along the way. 9 times out of 10 these days people are fake tanned rather then real. And thats a good thing. Looking after your skin is so very important, you don’t want to bake out in the sun and damage all your skin cells (causing loss of elastin and collagen which is how wrinkles are born) and run the risk of getting Skin cancer. Dramatic I know but you really gotta look after your skin!!!!!!!!

These are some steps I tell my clients about tanning. There is a lot to them but once you practise them trust me your tan will be even and natural for longer.

Weather it be how to prep your skin for a tan (self tan or profession tan) or how to maintain your tan after…these tips are sure to get you the longest possible duration for your colour and iron out any problems with streaking ect.


  1. Make sure you have any waxing done 2 days before and shaving 1 day prior.
  2. Scrub scrub scrub. Grab an exfoliant and give your body a good shedding (exfoliating is fabulous way of getting rid of all your dead skin cells…….your tan will grab to areas that have dry skin so best to give it a good scrub)
  3. Moisturise. By moisturing (especially after your scrub) you are making sure your skin in nourished with moisture allowing a more even colour and coverage.
  4. Wash your hair! A common mistake is to get your tan done and then the next night you wash your hair ready fro the weekend. The soap in the shampoos will react with your tan so better having your hair freshly washed right before you have your tan OR go to the hair dresser and get them to wash it in the basin!!
  5. Apply tan (or turn up to tan appointment) straight from shower. This means dry your self off with your towel and apply with circular motion> Making sure you have NO moisturiser, NO perfume, NO make up, NO deodorant. If you are going to a tanning appointment make sure you have loose close to change into after and a towel in your car (incase of rain. you don’t want to look like you have chicken pox) 


  1. Depends how long your tan is on for (2-8hrs) make sure you remain cool and don’t do anything that is going to cause you to sweat your tan off. Best to do it when you know the kids have been bathed and excellent excuse to get out of washing up!!! If its in winter opposite, blast the heater as heat activates the colour in Tan.
  2. I generally wash my hands after 20 minutes of tanning. If you have an 8 hour tan on wash them after 4 hours, it just makes it look a little more natural. if its a 2 hour tan, wash them after 45 minutes.
  3. Once time is up have a QUICK 30 second shower and DO NOT USE SOAP!!!! And make sure you moisturise with a light moisturiser not a body butter as this will move any loose tan around too much.  This step is very important. You will more then likely see all your colour go down the drain….this is just the cosmetic bronzer. Do Not Panic! 
  4. The next 24 hours are vital. Make sure your next shower is 12 hrs hours after your initial tan shower. No exercise (Your colour will develop over the next 12-24 hrs so it is important to, not do anything that will cause you to sweat (exercise, team sport, sport, intimate exercise……yes that means no sex). No soap (just in the appropriate areas) No long baths or swimming, this will cause your colour to deteriorate at a fast rate and your tan may only last a couple of days.


Over the next 7 days make sure your showers are very short and minimal soap it used. Also if you tan weekly watch the next blog or vlog???? (undecided yet) on how to remove tan quick and easy!!!!!

If you have any queries or questions pop them in the comments below and I can try to help out where possible.