I have been asked numerously over the last couple of months for a “what to pack for hospital blog” and rather then ranting on about what you don’t want to read I thought I’d listen (much to my husbands disbelief) and do this hospital list…….while I have wee on my leg from my debating 3 year old at dinner time and waiting for the bath…..what else do I have to do?! – sorry if your not pregnant or expecting anytime soon or have already had your children. This will most likely only appeal to my due soon mumma’s out there.

Yes there are books with lists.

Yes the hospital gives you a list.

Yes this has probably been done (sorry if you have).

Keeping in mind you will need to tweek this list. This is a guide only and is going off what I packed and found I needed in hospital. I went through the public system all 3 times so I will be writing this as a public patient (private I know get nappies and wipes in most). I will also add in there where to get them from and what I did to be super organised….which is a first for me!

I had a labour bag packed (which was one bag with everything In for me, hubby and bub)  and then a hospital bag for me and a hospital bag for Jameson (I was only this organised by the 3rd, the 1st I didn’t even have my bag packed)
I have added a few things in there like what to pack to wear during labour, this hadn’t even crossed my mind the first time. I went in to hospital in trackies and a t-shirt and then once my waters broke I had to wrap a sheet around my waist as little did I know, you leak fluid after your waters break at every contraction. GROSS (I get grossed out really easily). Unlike my third where my waters broke back on to my body (yeop thanks team) all I could do was laugh about it!!!
AGAIN THIS IS A GUIDE. THIS IS WHAT I PACKED AND FOUND HELPFUL!!! I didn’t bottle feed straight from hospital, I breast fed. So if you are looking at bottle feeding straight away, there will be a few more things to pack and if you want to email me I can give you a list of that too as my sister went through having to express and bottle feed from the get go. If you are a mum and reading this PLEASE add anything that I may have missed or you feel was helpful for all those mum overwhelmed with what to pack!
In the link I have provided a downloadable (yes I am pretty sure that’s a word) FREE checklist I have to orffer for you lovely people!!!
Please tag and spread the word to expecting mums to help them fell a little more at ease!!

Oooooo exciting times….You’ve made me all clucky again hurry up and have your babes so I can have newborn cuddles and get this outta my system!