Christmas catch up with Robbie Maddison

So, I am stepping away from the guest blogger appearance on here and opening it up to a guest writer. I’m sure 99.9% of you have heard of Robbie Maddison by now…..the daredevil, stunt man of the decade! Little did you know how much of a family man he is, even writing his own children’s book “The Story of Robbie Maddison”! I was lucky enough that Robbie took some time out of his crazy schedule to shine a little light on what Christmas means to him and his beautiful wife Amy and 3 boys. So sit back, enjoy the quiet time and insight to this gorgeous family.

What does Christmas day look like in your house……..

We spend Christmas morning with just the immediate family.

Our kids rise excitedly early and it’s all surprise and amazement with all the gifts they receive. They choose a few gifts and we set it up for them to play with for the morning. Lunch is with my parents then we return home to clean up and let the kids keep playing. To us it is a day for the kids so we let them do as they please mostly…


What’s your ideal Christmas??

Spending it with family, this is what we do every year, appreciating each other enjoying an activity the whole family enjoys (usually a blast up the river for a swim on the jet ski) we may need a boat this year with the new addition.



Do you have traditions with family or are you looking to start new ones??

Since my wife and I started a family and have kids christmas has changed from what it was when we were kids, Our traditional thing now is christmas eve, when the entire family get together for a hot meal and Santa Clause stops in to see the kids. It’s been going on for over 15yrs now so its funny to see the kids grow up and realise what’s actually going on. Our other traditional things we do at this time of year is we get a santa photo, we do christmas lunch with my parents and i see my cousins a few days before christmas, these are the guys i used to spend christmas day with…

What’s a Christmas tradition you would like to pass on to your kids??

We do a hot meal on christmas eve with the whole expanded family, Santa makes an appearance and hands out presents, carols are sung and there is some dancing, i would love to see this carried on for generations.

Are carols played loud and proud in your house hold??

Oh yes, and we find funny remixes to blast out and laugh about.



What’s more exciting……giving the presents or buying the presents??


Are you a blow the budget kinda family or try keep it within reason??

My wife is a bargain queen, somehow she manages to spoil everyone and does it cost effectively.

Who is in charge of the present delegating and shopping??

My wife


Top 2 prezzies you have got for the kids this year for Christmas…..

What do you get kids who have it all? One son wants a jet pack, that’s not happening. The other wants a large RC airplane, but he is 4yrs old and he thinks he is older than his skill level. I need to figure it out very soon though

How has Christmas changed for you over the last 10 years??

Now i have kids i really enjoy it and it means alot to us all, prior to kids it was a day more focused on the spiritual side of it. It’s a time now that i really love as I get to see my kids so excited and I’m able to teach them some moral values around all the excitement this day brings.

Fav Christmas memory you have as a family?

Seeing the younger kids faces when Santa arrives is always so awesome. The time we spend all together is definitely the highlight for me.



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Christmas Chat with Mel



What does Christmas day look like in your house ……..

We share Christmas with Ayden. At the moment whilst his dad doesn’t have any other children we’ve had him every Christmas morning until just after lunch and then we swap him over. So Christmas is usually at my house for anyone who wants to come over early for breakfast and then we go to someone else’s house for lunch etc. Every morning though we sit around the tree and open the presents.

This year however is going to be completely different. Ayden wont be with us at all this year. He’s going away so its going to feel a little odd this year. But we will just be hanging around our house all day. Its just exhausting and no fun for anyone when you’re dragging around toddlers and babies who miss out on day naps. So we’re doing an open house for any of our friends and family. 

What’s your ideal Christmas??

Honestly, just relaxing. Sitting back and enjoying our family and friends whilst eating good food. As I’ve gotten older Christmas has been more about the kids getting together and playing and the adults enjoying the company of each other.

Do you have traditions with family or are you looking to start new ones??

Growing up I don’t think we had any. We had the cookies and milk which I still do, oh and I’m the nut always out the front munching on carrots to look like reindeers have been. We take the kids shopping and they pick a couple gifts each that can be wrapped and left under the big charity tree so they can be given to less fortunate children.

I’m starting some new ones for us though. Christmas Eve boxes for us to open which will have a DVD, PJS, a Christmas movie and some treats.




What’s a Christmas tradition you would like to pass on to your kids??

I think it’s so important for our children to learn the ability to gift gifts to people who aren’t as lucky as us and feel joy from it. I want them to try and do this with their families when they’re older too.


Are you a loud and proud caroller??

I LOVE a good carol! I’ll be playing them non-stop soon and I can’t wait. We don’t really do many carols though because well, toddler life. She doesn’t enjoy standing still or staying close by so we avoid the arguments and stress and watch them on TV. Plus what’s with Santa always coming at like 930 PM on Christmas eve at carols – don’t people have things to build at that time of night hahah.


What’s more exciting……giving the presents or buying the presents??

Buying. I love buying presents for others. Even if it’s something small, it makes me really happy.

Are you a blow the budget kinda gal or keeping it within reason??

I’m actually embarrassed to admit I use to spend hundreds on gifts for Ayden. I saved all year and brought things throughout the year and gave him so many things. Things he never used and became charity bag fillers. I don’t know if its because I felt like I owed it to him or to prove to others that I could do it on my own.

Anyway now I buy four types of gifts.

Something they want.

Something they need.

Something to wear.

Something to read.

Admittedly they get more than four gifts. I might put 5 outfits in or something like that. But I don’t go over board anymore. I don’t really spend heaps now. Ayden cost me more than the others. But having four kids means I have to be sensible Sally.



Are you leave to the last minute or prepare throughout the year, for present shopping??

I’ve only just started now. Whoops. But like each year I’ll make a goal to start early next year haha.

Top 2 prezzies you have got for the kids this year for Christmas…..

LOL dolls and outdoor play things.

How has Christmas changed for you over the last 10 years??

It would have been my first Christmas as a mother 10 years ago. Wow!

Its changed so much for me. It’s so much louder and filled with so much love. My friends have become my family as well and we just love being able to celebrate with our children and our closest people.

mel watts 5

Christmas with Alice

Tonight on the blog is the beautiful Alice, from @aliceinhealthyland, I fell badly (mum crush) for this Mumma just before Cruzie was born and love watching her humble and gentle approach to motherhood and life. I was so so excited when Alice said she would take the time for a my Christmas Chat. So get comfy and enjoy getting to know Alice little more….I bet she will be your new mum crush!
What does Christmas day look like in your house ……..
Well we wake up.
Open one pressure each. Fill up a Santa sack with all the gifts from under our tree and head over to Grandma’s house (hubby’s family). We open all the pressies there and feast on a Christmas lunch with family.
Then at 2:30 we head to my family who like to party haha. We do secret Santa so we do that and then we party and eat. A lot of the girls in my family are nurses so Christmas Day starts in the arvo.
I love Christmas as I am one of 8 so it’s always lots of fun. Now having children it even more amazing.
What’s your ideal Christmas?
Just being with loved ones honestly I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful people and of course eating.
Do you have traditions with family or are you looking to start new ones??
Watching everyone open their gifts one by one.
Christmas pjs are a must haha. Love them.
Santa photos with the whole family. I once had one with Mum and Dad and the 8 Children it was so fun. Santa was a little shocked when he seen us all coming haha.
We make cookies for Santa and leave Carrots for Rudolph.
We are also starting an idea where we go around the room and ask everyone in the family something we they are grateful for this Christmas.
alice and santa
What’s a Christmas tradition you would like to pass on to your kids??
I think the grateful idea is fab. Christmas is a special time to be with loved ones and receive gifts but we do need to remember to be grateful for our health and the life we have.
Are carols played loud and proud in your house hold??
Absolutely. Gosh there are some bangers! Love “ITS CHRISTMAS TIME THERES NO NEED TO BE AFRIAD.”
What’s more exciting……giving the presents or buying the presents??
Hmmm I love watching their face light up.
Are you a blow the budget kinda family or try keep it within reason??
Within reason totally. David’s mother however? Blow the budget hahaha.
Who is in charge of the present delegating and shopping??
David and I are pretty even actually we shop together. Except when we buy each other’s we go separate.
Top 2 prezzies you have got for the kids this year for Christmas…..
Cruzie – A wooden school bus and a outdoor water play game. Both from Kmart as he just had a birthday. Gets so much from family to.
Winter Rose – @marchingbambino wooden instruments and a handmade horse and carriage from @willownoak.
How has Christmas changed for you over the last 10 years??
Well Christmas has always been special to me especially being from a big family. It always turns into a party that anyone is welcome to as well. Bit of a open door policy after dinner. With children though it’s extra special. I love watching Christmas movies with David and Cruz. I feel I have got into the spirit a little earlier this year too.
alice and opshop
Fav Christmas memory you have as a family?
Well my family is still young so I will share one from my family.
One year we all had a life line Christmas where we all had to do a secret Santa gift from the thrift shop. Something we could wear and then we would wear it on Christmas Day. Was such a laugh. So many onlooker on the beach had a good laugh too.

Christmas is around the corner so I thought why not start up some q&a’s with fav bloggers and a guest for the festive season! T get the ball rolling we have the beautiful Emily Tomini, I have followed her and Alina’s journey for about 2 years now and sh his the most sweetest blogger I know, and how can you not want more kids when you see her beautiful daughter! Enjoy the Sunday session guys xx


What does Christmas day look like in your house …….. It’s all about family, food and fun for us! There’s kids and chaos everywhere and by the end of the day everyone has full hearts and very full bellies which to me is just how Christmas is meant to be!

Whats your ideal Christmas??    Growing up, we never had big Christmas’s as my family was quite fractured and dysfunctional. It never felt like a very special time for me and personally Christmas for me is all about the children, the magic and the wonder and excitement! Now that I’m a mother this is what I want to focus on for Alina, not the presents or the ‘things’ as such but about the excitement and the memories. To make sure it’s a magical time full of love and gorgeous memories with her family that she will always hold dear. Making small traditions and just enjoying our family and knowing she is loved!

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 8.12.50 AM


Do you have traditions with family or are you looking to start new ones??   We don’t have any traditions carried down but we did start some last year for the three of us for Alina’s first Christmas. We each have a personalized Christmas stocking that we will get out each year, we started Elf on the shelf and a Christmas book. We will do Carols with he family in the lead up and go for a walk through the neighborhood and look at the lights on Christmas Eve.

 Whats a Christmas tradition you would like to pass on to your kids??    As Alina gets older a tradition I would really like to start together is a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve, I grew up watching Miracle on 34th Street. It’s a movie that rekindles my childhood excitement about Christmas and I’d like to share that with her

Are you a caroller??……. enjoy heading a lot to carols in the park ect??   Hehe yes! I honestly love it so much. There is something so magical about the community coming together and spreading joy and Christmas cheer! I love sitting back and just watching my family enjoy themselves, the kids especially!!



 Whats more exciting……giving the presents or buying the presents??    Giving them for sure! I’m hugely sentimental. I love to make a point of showing I’ve listened or taken into account what makes my family happy. I don’t do huge over the top presents but the little gestures of love! Watching their faces is my favourite part!

Are you a blow the budget kinda gal or keeping it within reason??     I keep it within reason, Christmas is a time where I think you easily get carried away if you let yourself and it’s only one day out of an entire year! What’s truly important is the memories and enjoyment on the day and that never involves the material things! In our family we do Secret Santa/Kris Kringle for the adults so I do like to spend a little extra on the one present but aside from that I honestly don’t spend much on Christmas aside from the food!! I’ll blow the budget on food any day haha!

Are you leave to the last minute or prepare throughout the year, for present shopping??  Last minute gal here! Each year I say I’ll plan better next year but I think I do my best present picking and organizing last minute under pressure haha!

a and tree


Top 2 prezzies you have got for the kids this year for Christmas…..Honestly, I haven’t purchased one present for Alina yet! I’m extremely stuck on what to purchase her… I’m big on experiences, so something that will suit her age and be able to make a family day out of. I’ll still put little things under the tree for her and in her stocking because unwrapping gifts on Christmas Day is what it’s all about! Alina loves books, coloring, play dough etc so there’ll be plenty of little things for her to open and enjoy for 10 mins before she casts them aside haha!

How has Christmas changed for you over the last 10 years??  Christmas has become joyous again! I’ve made a huge effort within our family to un-do some of the past experiences and really focus on family and the importance of putting the children first! Life is so short and I’m all about family so these days it really is a magical time again and we have a blast together Christmas Day and the lead up to it!



Limbo Hop Review

Active family?? Looking to get the family up and moving instead of screen time?? Look no further then @childsmart Limbo Hop!!!! This game is a great active game for the family (unless you are 2 and don’t understand the concept so you lay on the floor or chase the limbo stick around……..either way entertaining for the whole family)


The girls have found this such a great game for inside and outside, even going pack it up and take it down to the beach this weekend. Easy to assemble in fact so easy Ava (being 12) put it all together herself. There are no batteries needed (which is always a win as I never have any on hand…tell me I’m not the only one haha)!

IMG_1648 4


This game would be a great under the tree gift OR even a great Christmas day activity for everyone, perfect way to burn off the Christmas food and make room for more eating!! Jump, step, bend or roll, whichever tickles your fancy this game is one that will bring out the competitiveness in all. You can dictate your level of skill, if you can keep up with the speed there is an extra weighted rod to attach to make it spin quicker and getting those jumping and bending reflexes activating quicker! So much fun has been had with this game it is definitely a gold star recommendation from us!


* All these reviews are my own opinion, tried and tested before being written about and would only recommend and endorse products we use and believe in ourselves.

5 routes to destination happy 

Written by Kirsty Carr. Kirsty is a transformational coach and trainer, inspiring people to live from their hearts and reach their full creative potential. For more information or to work with Kirsty, visit  

What we’ve been taught about happiness is a lie.

We’re led to believe that it’s something that can be attained. We search for it, yet no one or no thing can ever make us happy. We might think it can – more money, a loving relationship, puppies. Sure, these things might make us feel happy for a time, until the money is spent, the relationship falls apart and the puppy shits on our favourite pair of shoes. Then the happiness is gone. You see, we are the only ones responsible for our happiness and once we accept this we can access it anytime we want. Happiness is a state of being and comes from living a life of meaning, of love, of acceptance. And all of these things start with us first.


Have you ever noticed that when we don’t feel good within ourselves, our external world starts to implode simultaneously?

That is because we create everything. Our reality is a direct reflection of what we have going on inside of us. So, it’s important to look after ourselves first and be aware of what we have going on.

Here are five foolproof ways to get you on the fast train to destination happy:

  1. Let go of things that no longer serve you

On this crazy journey called life, we are continually learning and growing and through this process, it’s only natural that we outgrow certain things, behaviours and people. It can be a struggle to let go because we’ve grown attached and the thought of letting go can seem freakin’ terrifying because of what may lie in the unknown. But when we hold onto things too tightly for too long, it prevents us from moving forward and living happy lives. Maybe it’s a toxic relationship, an old grudge, or an unhealthy lifestyle. Letting go of these things can create space for new love, forgiveness, inner peace and energy. Letting go is an ultimate act of love and whilst we fear it, it is a very liberating process, allowing us to take back control when things appear seemingly uncontrollable. It allows us to shift our focus to things that bring us joy rather than cause us stress and grief.

2. Become the observer of your thoughts and feelings

A surefire strategy for unhappiness is subscribing to our thoughts and feelings. We fall into their trap on a second by second basis. A thought enters our mind, which triggers a feeling and before we know it, we’re consumed by a state that feels like we have no control over. One of the biggest keys to happiness is understanding that we are not our thoughts. When we acknowledge that, we can deidentify from them and be less reactive. As Bob Marley so aptly put it “no one but ourselves can free our minds.” Practicing mindfulness and meditation can expedite this process. Sitting quietly with our eyes closed, focusing on our breathing allows us to observe what comes up and creates a state of allowing. This state enables us to transform stress, fear and anger into love and happiness.


3. Stop needing to be liked and comparing yourself to others

This is a big one. In the age of social media where everyone presents the perfect life to the world, it’s easy to subscribe to it. We need to make sure we have the perfect post that people will like so that we feel accepted, fit in, and prove to other people that we’ve got life under control as well. However, it is so important that we don’t buy into the charade and start judging ourselves against the perceived ‘success’ of someone else. Life isn’t a competition. The only person we need to be competing with is ourselves – to better ourselves from the day before. It’s an opportunity for constant growth and refinement. When we love ourselves first it doesn’t matter what anyone else is up to. We start to celebrate the successes of others and appreciate that we’re all on our own path. In needing to be liked we lose our authenticity, we blend in with everyone else because we’ve been conditioned to play small. But needing to be liked and playing small is actually limiting our ability to be happy. Be the crazy one. Be the one that laughs at inappropriate times. Be the one that has an opinion on current events that matter. We have so much fear around being rejected, that we dim our own light to be liked, and this has a detrimental effect because the world never really gets to know the real us. There is far greater happiness in being authentic than being liked and measuring ourselves against others.

4. Treat yourself like you would your best friend

You might have heard this before and rolled your eyes, but it’s so true. How we speak to ourselves is super important. When we berate and criticise ourselves we reinforce learnt beliefs and conditioning that there is something in us that needs to be fixed. But when we start encouraging ourselves, celebrating our successes and accepting ourselves in all our beautiful imperfections, we shine from the inside out. We don’t judge and criticise our BFFs (if you do, you should be rethinking the friendship). No, we love and encourage them. We’re honest and vulnerable and real with them. This is how we need to be with ourselves. We’re human, some days we make mistakes, some days we’re rockstars and all of it is ok. We need to give ourselves a massive high five rather than a slap in the face and see what a difference it makes to our own happiness.

5. Put your energy into creating something that you’d love

Ultimate happiness comes from creating what we love. We all have passions, hobbies, dreams. When we start acting in favour of these and what’s in our hearts, we begin to experience happiness far beyond what we can imagine. I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and unicorns shooting rainbows out their arses, but when we commit to creating what we’d love, the struggles and the tough days are bearable because we’re working towards something that is meaningful to us. It could be spending time with our families, planning an amazing adventure, or taking an art class. Whatever it is, we grow our happiness when we start doing what we love. Make it a priority, not a nice to have.


We might all hold a different definition of what happiness is to us, but what we all share is where it comes from, and that’s from within. We experience it when we let go of what we can’t control, say yes to our hearts and take action towards creating a life full of meaning. Happiness is never outside of us, we can access it whenever we choose.

Woofy Whoops Review!

If you are looking or a game full of unexpected giggles and full belly laughter from the kids and you as well, then look no further!

I was over the moon when asked if I would mind reviewing this product for @childsmart. Not only could I help give some tips for Christmas ideas for other people (seeing as I feel as though I have NO idea what I am doing present wise this year, more then happy to review and recommend for others)

This game Woofy Whoops from  is brilliant!!!! Uncomplicated family fun! We loved it.

Through unexpected dog “wee” (water you have installed yourself)  after patting and a “wee view” to watch the hilarious slow motion reactions, this game is very very clever and very easy to use. The kids do need to be able to count down themselves if you want them to play on their own. But our three from 5 and under could all play it successfully without getting frustrated. In saying that Mr 2 found himself a little apprehensive when it came to the dog wee….completely hilarious to the rest of the game players…not going to lie had little chuckle myself overtime someone got unexpectedly wet!

This would definitely be one to grab for birthday party present or a great family gift at Christmas time.

Our kids cannot get enough of this game. I love that they can go off on their own and play quietly without arguing. just make sure you have a spare iPhone or iPod laying around so they don’t use up all your battery hehe!!!! Highly recommend this game!!!!

Grab yourselves one and tag me in your family “wee views!!!!!”

*This product has been provided for reviewing purposes, all views and opinions are 100% honest.

* Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences, and are not sponsored.


It’s funny…I have never felt more self conscious about my sense of style as what I have since becoming a mum. Especially in the last 3 years and leaving the world of 20s and entering the era of 30s. I have always had a love for fashion and felt like I have been lost with it for a while now.

Finding that balance between not looking like I’m trying to be 18 but I’m not 40 so I don’t want that direction either.

Needless to say when TK MAXX came to Wollongong I was over the moon to be asked to head up for a bit of a shop…… ummmm yes please. My wardrobe was throwing itself out before I even finished reading the email!  For so long I have been feeling like I have no idea with fashion and styling clothes so heading up to the new Wollongong TK Maxx store and trying things on that I wouldn’t normally think would suit me has helped me find my love for fashion again!!

I could have spent hours upon hours in the new Wollongong Store…. a little secret…. I had never been to one before. Always heard of them but since having kids I find fashion shopping very very limited to a must need now kinda bases.

I love the fact that in this one store not only could I get 4 different outfits but two were smart dressy and two where casual. Exactly what my wardrobe was calling for (for under $100) WINNER WINNER!!!!

Although this denim number would have to be my ULTIMATE find for the store. Love that I can tee it with a simple stripy number and white cons for a fresh look or a black top for a more slimming look with high top cons for a more fun and edgy feel.




I also do love this easy throw on T-shirt style dress which gets me our of my active wear and wearing something I am comfortable and appropriate around the kids haha! No one wants to be flashing people in the park while trying to pick up and console your sobbing child!!!


I am so excited that no two TKMAXX stores are exactly the same and that the stock they have on the floor is what they have, nothing extra hiding out the back and the big brands at amazing prices. Hello new found retail obsession! I will become one of your regulars


Sun Smart and Safe

Our poor children seemed to have gotten my husbands and I skin qualities….  It’s that fair their skin burns just by looking at the sun! Which is why we take looking after their skin very seriously, which means hats, covered shoulders and sun cream. To my disappointment, I struggle to keep hats on my littlest one, even though seeing his 3 older sisters wearing them (and wearing them himself from a very young age) and mum and dad (and dad ALL the time, not just in the sun) I was more than annoyed to discover he very quickly will dispose of any hat……until this one!!!


I had my doubts and was ready for the struggle but the minute he put this Bedhead hat on, it stays on his head the whole time we are in the sun. Not to mention the girls are loving the bright pink ones, an added bonus is the pony tail hole, quick drying and chlorine resistant that they can wear in the water without any excuses!!!


I come from a family of sun protection (to the point where at 16 my dad would chase me down to the local beach realising I had lied about taking a hat and dropped off my grandmas gardening hat for me to use……. thanks dad, way to squash the minimal street cred I had to start with), so I grew up realising the damage the sun can do to our skins. I then followed in a career path of skin care and have become my father! Little did I realise when I was so young, it was my parent’s responsibility to keep me safe, that meant from the sun too. Sun exposure in the first 10 years of your life is critical to your life outcome. Melanoma isn’t something that occurs from being in the sun when your 30 and exposed. Its comes from the exposure you receive as a child. And as parents we have responsibility not only to keep them safe from all the dangerous things this world has created but to keep them safe from the sun as well.



I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the Bedheads campaign in raising this awareness of such a wonderful product and cause. The “head behind the hats, Richelle Ellis, believes that children should be introduced to hats a young age” (which I agree with 100% so they get use to the sensation) her passion for this has seen a new community initiative sprout, where she will be giving $100,000 of hats to newborn’s in Australia, including these from a disadvantage back ground. So for every hat ordered online, a newborn hat will be donated! Come on guys, summer is around the corner, we have already had some beautiful days. Join me and jump online at, support this amazing cause and at the same time protect your children and educate them on sun safety!



Best Raw Treat! 

I have been asked so many time for the recipe on this delicious treat so I thought I would share the love!!

I came up with this recipe by combining it from two of my fav kitchen wizards @aliceinhealthyland, who I got the choc topping from and @danitrey, who I got the base from! I added the Raspberries but often substitute with banana!
KM Treats…..

1.5 tsp hot water

1 tsp ground coffee (I do get mine fresh from my fav cafe)

1 1/4 rolled oats

1/2 cup dates soaked in hot water (cheaper option then madjool)

2 tbs maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbs coconut oil.

1 1/4 rolled oats

Mix water and coffee together set aside.
Add rest of Ingredients (drained dates without the hot water) to food processor until mixed and then add coffee mixture and blitz.

Press into silicon muffin tray (or patty cases) and freeze.

Add a layer of blitzed frozen raspberries (about a cup) and divide between each one.
Pop back into freezer.
The healthy chocolate top is

3 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp peanut butter (I prefer the crunchy good nut)
2tbsp maple syrup
Melt in pan (don’t let boil)
Take off heat

3tbsp cacao.

Freeze to set

Would love to see your recreations tag away and enjoy!!