Puzzle Review

Puzzle you say… my fav past time (nerd alert)!!

We were super excited to review the Garden Party Puzzle from Childsmart! The bright colours and child hand sized pieces are the first thing that came to the attention of the girls! They find it so easy to match the picture with the pieces, pairing them up and the fun aspect of putting a party together, they get so excited! We would definitely be looking at their other puzzles for some birthday gift ideas for friends to as well as ourselves. We have found it absolutely Perfect for Olivia’s age group (5 ½ years old) as she can sit there and put it together quietly, with minimal help. While Bella (almost 4 years old) gets a little distracted and frustrated …… but I think that is her personality…. haha nothing to do with the puzzle!



It’s such a nice activity we can do for quiet time, or when the weather is not very nice outside, or I just want to chill with them!!!

I also like the fact the it’s still a little tricky without being too easy for older siblings or parents to sit down with them and do it too!! It’s a yes from us for the Garden Party Puzzle from Childsmart, definitely recommended from ages 5 – 11 (if the 11 year olds have younger siblings)



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