Tip Top Changes


Our life since having kids has seen such huge changes, the biggest of which would have to be eating habits.

Our days would consist of getting out of bed, going straight to work with no breakfast, then eating the bare minimum during the day, and home to a healthy-ish meal (although not portioned at all).



I knew this needed to change in order for us to set an example of how to look after yourself properly, and to move your body regularly. It’s important for our kids to see their parents practise what they preach. This has been made so much easier with TipTop The One Mixed Grains providing the perfect start to the day with simple but nutritious toast (It’s even better when it’s a weekend and we can take it slow and let the kids pop their own slices in the toaster, choose toppings and learn good breakfast habits). Knowing that Olivia has a healthy lunch box (without the disagreements and arguments that she “doesn’t like that bread”) is a daily relief. It’s the simple things that we appreciate these days! And the big bonus – no little un-eaten surprises in her lunch box from a half-eaten sandwiches that have too many “bits in it”.




It’s a WIN WIN for this mum!
Recipe Lunch box favourite: Ribbon Sandwich (photos below) – peanut butter
– banana
– ham and cheese



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