Sleep tips and tricks!


How much pressure we and so much of society put on us as parents is ridiculous! 9 times out of 10 one of the main questions asked is “Are they sleeping through?” Are you kidding me!!! How about a more common question like “how are we all adjusting”??

Although we were very lucky with our babies and their sleeping habits I have found having the same routine since birth has helped our children. By routine, I mean pattern, the same order we do everything for bed.
Firstly, our bedtime routine.

  • Its the usual dinner starts at 5.30 and carries on until about 6.15 then there is half an hour of play time in the bath and at 6.45 its Milk and a biscuit for the big kids. Story time and then off to bed by 7/7.15. Although in saying that yes I am one of those parents who let their children have a bottle in their bed (my children my choice, I am aware of what this can do to their teeth) to go off to sleep. We do although have a self settle approach from day dot which has worked a treat!


Secondly, when I go to bed, I pop them on the toilet (those who are toilet trained) and then change nappies for those who aren’t, I believe that if they have a dry nappy during the night they are less likely to wake earlier with a full nappy. Trust me, my children’s kidneys work an absolute treat, we should have purchased shares in nappies!!!!!


Thirdly I have never tried to keep a quiet house. I believe they sleep better when there is noise around and I guess seeing as I am a light sleeper I was hoping by encouraging noises it might make them deeper sleepers……. ridiculous I know but I can dream!



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