Fashion Week Review

So last week I took a selfish week…..

I took 3 days where I organised all the children to be elsewhere and was lucky enough to follow a passion which I love, but have been very intimidated by, FASHION.





It was my very first year of attending and I felt very blessed to have the opportunity to see quite a few showcases at MBFWA. I’ll let you in on a little secret, Fashion and I have been fighting for a while now…..come to think of it close to 5 years.


5 years of being in awe of styles and clothing that I cannot wear. Cannot wear out of feeling uncomfortable, feeling judged, feeling like mutton dressed as lamb…is that the saying?? Haha. Where has this even come from?? A mix of having 3 children and hitting 30, feeling like I am stuck in a fashion warp of the unknown, knowing I cannot pull of certain styles and trends any more. I love looking at styles in awe and admiration, I love the street trends and appreciate everyone’s unique style and sense of fashion.


So let’s go back to the reason I am writing this blog, haha not because of my reclaimed love of fashion, but for the appreciation of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Where the young and fresh to the established and iconic designers have the ability to display their new collections and set the benchmark high on some exquisite pieces.


I have added the links in here to which you can see my fav shows as let’s face it, I am not a photographer and every time I tried to get a good pic I was too excited, so let’s not bring down the quality of the threads by my poor photographic ability and hand that over to the experts!!!!

First day (which is technically already day 3) I attended Next Gen, showcasing some beautiful pieces from Stanzee – who were the first opening resort inspiration of the dark to light and the sheer to bold. This would have to have been my highlight of the show, their collection was ridiculously relatable and some absolutely stunning pieces that I wish I could run out and grab off the models as they walked past.

Following show we attended was Pagaent – a wonderful artistry and creative flowing street where style with again some beautiful mesh detailing pieces which were jaw dropping.

Capping the night off with Zambesi….  snagging front row with the bestie and looking at some beautifully designed styles. I loved this show, as well as the music themed with it. Zambesi was the perfect collection to finish my first day on.

Day two, back to the beauty of carriage works for The Swim show case……WOW! This is a showcase that I loved EVERY single designer in it. All the pieces of swim where stunning, you think you had seen it all but the beautifully designed one pieces (which are my current fav to be running after the kidlets in) and the fabrics and colours……. Did I mention I LOVED this show??? In awe of every singles design collection that walked down. I felt like a kid in a candy store!!!!!

Innovators saw the end of day two for me and I love seeing how talented these people are, it just blows my mind the capability of designing such beautiful clothes. The colours and sheers are gorgeous but my fav would have to be Richard Giang with the black numbers…….. cannot go wrong with black J

Raffles kicked off day three, which in turn is day 5 for MBFWA and the concluding day of fashion week. A wonderful showcase of up and coming designers with some pieces beyond their years in the industry, showing wonderful potential for what is to come to the fashion world and hopefully we will be wearing in the not too near future.

Finishing the last day of fashion week with VMajor. Haven’t heard of them?? Do yourself a favour and check out their threads, what a fresh approach to street and resort wear looking oh so comfortable as they walked down the catwalk!

Hope your cuppa is still warm and you have enjoyed flicking through my journey for fashion week. What a wonderful experience and this makes me so excited for the future of the fashion world and watching these designers bloom and these beautiful pieces out and about. The week wouldn’t have been made anywhere near perfect without the bestie by my side and fashion squad on point.




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