13 Reasons why I am questioning what the future will be like for my Kids.

There has been a lot of buzz around the TV show “13 reasons why” showing on Netflix, I had first heard about it while doing a wedding make up for a family of all girls, saying how every parent should watch it. I thought it couldn’t hurt to sit down and watch…little did I know how deeply this would impact me and make me question the future for my kids…… exactly what it was supposed to do.


I fear for my children growing up (I know, how horrid does this make me sound). When it gets to the point and they can’t talk to us anymore, about anything. That time will come and as I sit here and think about it, I fill with dread, I fill with fear of the unknown of what may come in to in the teenage years and beyond for my children. I pray that I do all the things I know how to do, to talk about what makes a good person, to talk about how saying something may seem like a good idea but you can never take it back, once it’s said it’s not forgotten. As a parent this is a huge fear of mine, it makes me so so sad to think one day any of my children could go through this feeling that they are all alone and there is nobody there to help them. That there is nobody who cares enough for them?? …….. HOW??



There has to be something we can do?? Something MORE we can do??

Isn’t there??

  • Talk more to them about how to deal with emotions that make them feel like its too much and the world is swallowing them whole??
  • Talk more to them about bullying??
  • Talk more to them that some days will feel like the world is against you and you have no other option??
  • Talk to them about being treated the way you would want to be treated, the way you would want someone to treat your sister, your brother??


How can we make this a better world for them??


To those parents who have lost children to depression, bullying and suicide, my heart breaks for you. A thousand times over, it breaks.

How did we create a world where this is even an option?? How did bullying get to a level so intense they can’t even escape it at home? How do we create children to think they are better than everyone else and think its ok to make one and another feel like a failure at life and have a certain social power over others???


I say we…… WE are all responsible.

We path the way for our children….. to a degree, we as society have to take a look at ourselves and say what kind of role models are we portraying to the future?? We need to be accountable for our actions, accountable for our choices. To show to our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews that how you treat people have consequences, it starts  by leading by example.


Tell me I’m not the only one who has these fears for their children?? And it’s not just for my daughters either. I fear for all my kids. This will be taking responsibility to a whole new level. Being responsible for someone who thinks they are responsible and grown up enough to make their own decisions??


How can we make this easier?? How can we help them without covering them in bubble wrap and allowing them to grow up on their own without being a helicopter parent? Are there things in place at school that are taken seriously like a math test?? An algorithm isn’t going to save your life, will talking about morals and ethics?? Why isn’t life in there as a subject we can help teach and guide them?? Documentaries of families and friends who are affected by bullying, who are affected by depression who are affected by suicide??


WHAT CAN WE DO??  Tell me I am not the only one who feels this lost and it hasn’t even begun!


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