Holiday Life 

6 weeks on holidays pure bliss!!!! 
Sleep ins.
Long walks and adventures.
Coffee dates.
Wondering the shops.


More like, up between 5 and 7am, in the kitchen until at least 10 with the breakfast prep, cleaning up any of the spills, cleaning the dishes, changing the clothes they insisted on changing into before breakfast and then preceding to spill their entire breakfast on the clean clothes, get changed AGAIN, put dirty clothes in machine ready for first wash of the day.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh and so it begins, holiday life with 3 children under 5! 

I learnt very quickly this week (beginning our third week of holidays away from home) after the hype of Christmas and New Year has died down, Dad has flown back home for work how much the kids and I are customized to our everyday routine and how sitting around swimming and not really doing anything out of the house puts all 4 of us in a really shitty mood.

I had a couple of breakdowns the other day and couldn’t quiet figure out what was going on and then it dawned on me how much of a different pace our holidays are with our every day life and that potentially we need that structure and routine. The girls need their socializing with other kids (preschool and daycare structure), I need that half hour session to work out on my own so I have don’t h ability of being about to approach my motherhood duties with in a rational manner as opposed to the breaking down and losing my shit approach!!!
So to all those wonderful Mumma’s out there enjoying their holidays with their children and their ability to relax…. TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!!!!

 Or is this just the way my family is wired? To live with the pace of structure and routine?! 

All Day is ‘mum’ ‘ma’ ‘muuuuuuuum’ ‘MUMMY’ and drive me bat shit crazy with consistent arguing with each other and constant feeding (honestly all they do is eat, Aldi I need to buy shares or turn my profession into chef??) 

Ironic really how  I thought holiday life would be any different to work life?? 

I have to admit though, now I have realised the glitz and glamour is far less then what I imagined with holidaying solo with kids. I am looking forward to the rest of our time away keeping in mind  some kind of activity routine for the next three weeks… ahhhhhhh #holidaymummode


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